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Reusable washable sticky mat

  • Reusable washable sticky mat
  • Product Details:
    Effective Contaminant Removal - The superior adhesive power of the soft and thick polyurethane gel effectively removes contaminants on the bottom of shoes and booties.  Unlike most conventional “peel-off” sticky mats, the gel-like adhesive material gets into the very tiny grooves on the bottom of shoe soles for ultimate cleaning
    Applications - Installed at the entrance of clean rooms, in air shower booths, for cleaning trolley wheels, etc.
    Reusable and Easy Maintenance – Simply washes with water or alcohol. When the surface becomes dirty, just wipe with a damp cloth, wet mop, or squeegee. Adhesive power returns when dried
    Prevents Dust Displacement – There’s less chance of dust displacement since it cleans with water or alcohol. (When changing a “peel-off” mat, contaminants and dust can scatter from the dirty sheet onto the new fresh sheet during the changing process.)
    Low Running Costs – Potential savings over time versus peel-off or disposable type mats.
    Quick installation – Just unroll the mat and place at the desired location.  Both sides of the mats are adhesive so they can be placed on either side.  Multiple mats can be placed together for heavy-traffic work sites or to cover wide doorways
    Eco-Friendly – Helps prevents the disposal of garbage and will not create harmful gases if burned
    Technical Specifications:
    Standard Size:  18" x 36"  24”X36”  26”X45”(other sizes can be customized)
    Thickness: 3mm
    Material: Polyurethane gel (Silicone)
    Heat Resistance:  -22℃ to 176℃ F (-30℃ to 80℃)
    Approx. Load Resistance:  up to 800lb/in²  (363kg/in²)
    Tensile Strength: 200 lb/in2   (91kg/in²)
    Tear Resistance:  175 lb/in²   (80kg/in²)
    Standard Color:  Blue
    Washable times: more than 5000 times
    Lifetime: more than 2 years
    Ideal for Industries:
    Semiconductor Factories
    Electronics Manufacturing
    Precision Instrument Manufacturing
    Food Manufacturing
    Packaging Material Plants
    Printing Industry
    Painting Industry
    Pharmaceutical Plants
    Medical Care Facilities
    and much more!