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ESD Chair

  • ESD Chair
  • Model:PT-010101
    Material: Leather                                                      
    Leg: Φ580mm with high strength die-casting chroming A-alloy
    Surface resistance:106~109Ω
    Adjust height:410--550mm
    1. Pneumatic Adjust ability
    Allows quick, easy changes in seat height.
    2. Seat Tilt.
    Affords posture balance during prolonged tasks that require workers to bend forward.
    3. Durable Seat Construction
    Micro cellular, self-skinning polyurethane or high density foam construction assures durability and long lasting support to maintain worker comfort.
    4. Ergonomic Seat Design.
    Waterfall fronts ease pressure behind knees. Saddle shape contour supports weight evenly.
    5. Seat Height Adjustment
    A wide seat height adjustment allows workers, whether tall, short or in-between, to adjust their chairs for maximum comfort. This is critical in multi-shift operations where the same chair may be used by two or even three different workers.
    Widely used in industrial manufacturing, medical, laboratory and other EPA and critical control areas, and suitable for different working postures in different working environment.