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Foam Swabs

  • Foam Swabs
  • Features:
    - Free from silicone, amide and DOP
    - Low non-volatile residue
    - Low in both particles and ion content
    - Excellent solvent-holding capacity
    - Compatible with most common solvents
    - No contaminating adhesives or coatings

    ■ Low nonvolatile residue
    ■ Low particle generation
    ■ Good sorbency and excellent solvent hold
    ■ No contaminating adhesives
    ■ ESD control without contaminating carbon or metal loading
    ■ No blooming ionic antistats
    ■ No contaminating coatings
    ■ Humidity-independent ESD control for consistent performance
    ■ Safely dissipates charges in under two seconds when used with
    a solvent such as IPA
    - Micro-mechanical cleaning
    - Remove contamination from disk drives
    - Effectively clean small, hard to reach areas with solvents such as IPA
    - Remove flux residue and excess materials
    - For general purpose cleaning