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Products Detail

Sticky Rolls/Tacky Rolls

  • Sticky Rolls/Tacky Rolls
  • Sticky Rollers

    Each sticky roller is composed of polyethylene films coated with water-based adhesive. They are fast, efficient, and easy-to-use. All units can be fit into an accessory of a reusable, non-contaminating plastic roller handle. The standard core diameter sizes are designed to allow maximum efficiency to clean wide and narrow areas with less frequent sheet disposal.

    Industries of application

    • Electronics
    • Manufacturing facilities
    • Hospitals
    • Medical devices
    • Domestic
    • Semiconductors
    • Laser optics
    • Pharmaceuticals
    • Laboratories

    Special Features

    • Strong, non-toxic adhesive coating
    • Uniform adhesion for each layer
    • Anti-microbial property
    • Easy sheet removal
    • Specifically designed for hard to reach areas
    • Suitable for both cleanroom and general applications

    Product Specifications

    Material Polyethylene
    Color Blue / White
    Standard Sizes 4″(width) x 18m (length)
    6″(width) x 18m (length)
    8″(width) x 18m (length)
    12″(width) x 18m (length)
    Outer Diameter 54mm
    Core Diameter 38mm

    Handles can be available.